As a Twin Cities business owner, you might not think much about your commercial floors. However, no matter what condition they’re in, your floors are one of those touches that help to create the overall impression your patrons have of your company. A beautiful concrete floor adds to a sense of overall professionalism. Neglected floors, on the other hand, can leave the wrong impression.

The concrete floor restoration team at ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park specializes in commercial and residential concrete refinishing. In this blog entry, we’ll talk about how upgrades to your Twin Cities commercial floors can help you make the right impression on your clients.

Here are a few signs your concrete floors need attention:

1.   They’re Stained.

When a concrete floor has a healthy layer of polish, it’s going to boast a high level of resistance to spills. However, over time, that protective layer can become worn down. If your concrete floors have been overlooked and not properly maintained, they may have acquired stains over the years. This is especially common in warehouses and commercial spaces where chemicals are used. Concrete floor refinishing can revitalize the top layer of concrete and eliminate any stains or visible discoloration.

2.   They’ve Lost Their Gleam.

As foot traffic and daily wear and tear take their toll on your concrete floors, they can end up losing their luster. If your concrete floors are dulled or have thin scratches and minor damage, it may be time for concrete polishing. Polished concrete looks fantastic in higher traffic commercial spaces. This moisture-resistant option is easy to maintain and can be used to achieve four distinct levels of polish.

3.   Their Design Falls Flat.

You may feel that while your concrete floors look fine, they lack appeal. If you’re looking for a way to add extra style to your space, we offer a wide range of concrete stains and colors from vivid, bold dyes to antique stains. Or consider installing a layer of protective epoxy over your existing concrete floors. Epoxy floors have come a long way over the years. Today’s epoxy floors can be used to create a seemingly limitless range of looks from exciting to elegant.

Call Our Twin Cities Concrete Floor Resurfacing Experts

If you’re ready for a change in your commercial space, our team at ACT Restoration can help you create the stunning commercial floors your clients will notice every time. To check out our past commercial projects, visit our commercial floor portfolio online and get ideas for your project.

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