There once was a time when carpet was the hottest flooring option in new homes. Homeowners everywhere were purchasing homes with wall-to-wall carpeting or replacing their existing floors with shag carpet as far as the eye could see. But these days, carpet has become a less coveted flooring solution for modern homes with homeowners turning to lower maintenance solutions. One of the most popular solutions is to remove a home’s aging carpet, tile, or linoleum altogether and refinish the existing concrete layer beneath it.


At ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, we can help you resurface your Twin Cities concrete floors to a level of beauty you never imagined was possible. In this blog post, we’ll talk about pulling up your carpet to embrace your home’s existing concrete and discuss the available style options for homeowners.


Check out these great reasons to embrace your concrete floors:


1.   Unparalleled Durability

If you’re concerned about how well your floors will stand up over time, concrete is an ideal solution. With the enduring strength and power of concrete, you won’t have to worry about dents or scratches from daily wear and tear.


2.   Enduring Beauty

If your idea of a concrete floor is a flat, industrial gray look, you may find the number of options surprising. More homeowners than ever before are using their concrete floors to make a home design statement. With a wide range of colors and stains available, choose from bold, antique, or minimalist looks that compliment your home’s decor. Or consider installing an epoxy layer over your concrete subfloor to get a sleek look in reflective, quartz, metallic, or custom styles.


3.   Simple Maintenance

When your concrete is properly sealed and polished, it will resist spills and stains easily. Grime and dirt are easily removed using a mop and broom. Durable concrete floors are also powerful enough to withstand damage due to most dropped objects.


Contact Your Twin Cities Concrete Floor Staining Specialists

If you’re looking for a beautiful and enduring floor option for your home, look no further than your existing concrete floors. With dozens of stains and dyes to choose from, you’ll be able to create a custom look that will last for many years to come.

To check out examples of our residential concrete, check out our online residential design portfolio. Schedule your floor restoration by calling our concrete floor resurfacing team at 612-750-5360 or contact us for a completely free estimate on your floor project today.