Are you looking for a way to bring new life to the concrete floors of your garage, basement, or patio? Concrete stain is a beautiful solution to camouflaging minor imperfections in your concrete floors. It also looks clean and attractive when applied to concrete floors inside a home.

You may be surprised to learn how many options are available when using a concrete stain. In this post, we’ll share ideas for hiding minor imperfections like patches, cracks, and old stains with a concrete color stain from the floor refinishing experts at ACT Restoration. Give us a call to get the beautiful concrete floors your home deserves.

Enhancing Concrete

If you’re looking for a way to completely cover or erase imperfections in your concrete floors, your best bet is to have an epoxy applied. Epoxy has come a long way over the years. Today’s epoxy floors are far more dimensional and stunning than the epoxy floors of the past.

But if you love the idea of a more natural look, concrete stain works by enhancing the look of the floor, camouflaging many of the minor imperfections in the process. Stains or dyes are applied after the floor has been grinded, repaired, and coated. Depending on the translucence and type of stain, the result can be an attractive mottled look. We can also apply antiquing and texturing techniques that blend beautifully with minor imperfections. 

Consider one of these stain or dye options for hiding imperfections on your concrete floors:

●      Tinté D'Acqua™

Tinté D'Acqua™ is a water-based stain that adds dimension to concrete floors with antiquing effects. Tinté D'Acqua™ is available in 28 standard colors and can be blended to create a custom shade. Choose from dark shades like Magnet and Black to bold hues like Granada, a vibrant blue tone, Patina, Tomatillo, and more.

●      Faux Fusion™

Endura Faux Fusion™ is another water-based concrete stain that’s suitable for both interior and exterior concrete. Faux Fusion™ can be used to create a mottled acid look that beautifully camouflages subtle concrete imperfections. Choose from vibrant tones like African Violet, Poseidon Blue, and Maui Orchid or more subdued tones like Egyptian Sand or Yeti White.

●      TiqueWash™

For a beautiful, multi-toned look, NewLook International TiqueWash™ offers advanced antiquing with a translucent color wash that settles into the natural textures of concrete. Floor restoration experts can use advanced texturing techniques to add dimension and hide imperfections.

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