Concrete floors work well in businesses and homes because they’re as attractive as they are durable and resilient. Today’s concrete floors also offer a broad design versatility with an almost limitless array of stains and dyes.

When you decide to stain, polish, or restore your concrete floors, you may have many questions. At ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, MN, our concrete floor polishing specialists believe in educating our clients and keeping them in the loop throughout the process.

One term you may hear discussed when you’re getting ready to refinish your concrete floors is the term “densifier.” In this post, we’ll explain what concrete densifiers are, how they work, and how they help create a beautiful concrete floor that looks great for many years.

Why Densifiers are Necessary

Although polished concrete feels hard to walk on, the process of grinding, mixing, and smoothing concrete can create a naturally soft and porous surface. While the underlayment will still have its original strength, the polished surface becomes more vulnerable.

This porous quality can cause floors to wear down with heavy traffic and create dusting which gradually erodes the surface of the concrete. It can also result in scratches and minor damage that builds up over time. When heavy equipment is dropped on the surface or compression occurs, the concrete is vulnerable to damage. Adding a densifier can significantly increase the strength and durability of the concrete surface.

How a Concrete Densifier Works

Put in the simplest terms, a concrete densifier is a type of chemical hardener that helps to protect concrete floors by making them more durable. They are used during the concrete polishing process. Densifiers help floors to last even longer while adding strength.

Here are a few benefits of applying a densifier:

●        They create floors that are much more resistant to moisture.

●        They reduce dusting as concrete wears down.

●        Floors become more abrasion-resistant.

●        Densifiers are a cost-effective solution.

●        Floors are more resistant to freeze and thaw cycles.

●        Time between refinishing becomes extended.

●        Concrete is more slip-resistant, making it safer to walk on.

Contact Our Concrete Polishing Specialists

At ACT Restoration, we offer concrete polishing and restoration services for both commercial and residential floors. We use the wet grind method for a more attractive and durable look. Our services also include densifying, patching, repair, topping, sealing, and staining.

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