If you’ve decided to restore the concrete floors in your home, you’ve got several important decisions to make. If you’re planning to stain your concrete floors, you’ll need to decide on a stain or dye for your floors. You’ll also need to select a level of gloss for your floor from matte concrete to high gloss.

But many homeowners and business owners alike are choosing to coat their concrete floors with epoxy instead of going for a polished concrete look. A longtime favorite for business establishments, epoxy is picking up steam among homeowners because of its versatility of style and durability. In this post, our ACT Restoration floor refinishing pros will weigh polished concrete against epoxy to help you decide which look is right for your home or office.

Epoxy and Concrete Polished Floors

For many homeowners, epoxy floors are something they haven’t put a lot of thought into as a serious option for their residence. However, you’ve likely been stepping on it most of your life, as epoxy is commonly found in public buildings like schools, hospitals, retail stores, and government buildings.

Epoxy floors are a common choice for these types of establishments due to their functionality as a high-performance floor that’s easily maintained. But just as concrete floors have become more versatile thanks to innovations in design and style over the years, epoxy is also becoming more mainstream and versatile.

The Beauty of Polished Concrete Floors

Once thought of as a basic, utilitarian floor material, concrete floors are picking up popularity these days, gracing restaurant floors and modern homes alike. Many homes already have a perfectly good concrete slab to work with hidden under their carpet or tile, and restoring the concrete can be done with relative ease by a professional. Polished concrete can have a very sleek, minimalist look, and today’s concrete floors can be stained in bold, stunning colors from vivid blues to antique washes.

The Benefits of Epoxy Floors

If you’ve decided to hire a concrete floor resurfacing team but you’re not sure if polished concrete is right for you, epoxy floors are an excellent choice. Just like polished concrete, there is a wide range of looks available for epoxy flooring. Epoxy is just as durable and low-maintenance as polished or stained concrete, and it can look just as sleek. One benefit of epoxy over concrete is that it’s a little softer to walk on, making it a great alternative to linoleum or tile flooring for family homes.

Epoxy floors are available in these styles:

●        Quartz

●        Metallic

●        Decorative

●        Reflective

●        Paint Chip

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