There are plenty of great reasons to love concrete floors. From a maintenance standpoint, they practically take care of themselves. They’re also elegant in their simplicity and offer a versatile backdrop for a wide range of architectural styles and interior design choices. With a minimal ecological footprint and a high level of durability, concrete is one of the best all-around flooring choices for homes and businesses today.

At ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, we specialize in concrete floor resurfacing for Minnesota businesses and homes. In this post, we’ll share our favorite tips for keeping your concrete floors looking great even with heavy use.

Caring for Your Concrete Floors

A couple of decades ago, most people associated concrete flooring with industrial settings. It was far less common to see homeowners pulling up their carpet and embracing their concrete floors. But today, concrete floors are growing in popularity as homeowners realize the versatility of concrete with options like concrete floor staining. In addition to great-looking style, concrete floors also come with a distinct advantage in their simplicity of maintenance.

Follow this advice to care for your concrete floors:

1.   Keep Floors Clear and Clean.

Keeping debris off your floor can prevent microscopic damage from removing the shine on your floor prematurely. You can keep debris from accumulating on your concrete floors with regular sweeping or vacuuming.

An automatic vacuum cleaner like a Roomba can run constantly without damaging your floor. To keep your concrete floor looking its best, use a microfiber dust mop like a Swiffer.

2.   Use the Right Cleaners.

One of the fastest ways to damage a stained or polished concrete floor is to use a harsh or abrasive cleaning solution. While polished concrete is resistant to stains and spills, it’s important to remove any spills right away as certain types of chemicals, even natural ones, can chemically damage the protective seal if left ignored.

Never use acidic cleaners containing citrus or vinegar. You should also avoid ammonia, bleach, and any other strong chemical cleaners. Stick to a mild solution of dishwashing liquid or gentle soap diluted in water.

3.   Keep the Seal Intact.

The seal on your concrete floor helps to protect the surface of the concrete, which means it will look better longer if you keep it intact. You should plan to have your floor resealed as part of your regular household maintenance.

In high-traffic areas, rugs and floor mats can provide an extra layer of protection for your floor. It’s also important to avoid scraping or dragging anything that could damage your floor. Instead, use appropriate moving materials like felt floor protectors when moving furniture.

Contact our Brooklyn Park Floor Polishing Specialists

If you take good care of your concrete floors, they’ll look great for many years to come. When it’s time to have your floor resealed or polished, we’re here for you.

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