Are you fixing up the garage? Maybe you’re installing one. Either way, a garage isn’t complete until its flooring is secure. Whether you’re revamping it into a showroom or simply want to boost your home’s value, an epoxy floor coating definitely helps.


Get ready to cover your concrete. Below, we’re covering the astounding benefits of an epoxy garage floor coating.


Benefit One: It is Damage Resistant

Between chemicals, foot traffic and vehicle wear-and-tear, your garage floor experiences a lot of damage. An epoxy coating is impact-resistant, and it’s also abrasion-resistant. If you coat your concrete driveway, you won’t need to worry about rolling in the car, the mower or the tractor. Dropped tools won’t be a problem, either.


Benefit Two: It’s Moisture Resistant

Concrete might be durable, but it accrues moisture damage over time. An epoxy coating is moisture resistant, defending your floor from spills and leaks. It’ll help your floor resist stains, too, from engine fluids and motor oil.


Benefit Three: It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

An epoxy-coated garage floor is a beautiful thing to see. Epoxy coatings come in a number of combinations, giving you the creative freedom to customize the coating. Get fancy with your floor’s sheen, or shift its overall look by going translucent.


Benefit Four: It’s Slip-Resistant

Did you know epoxy coatings are slip-resistant and skid-resistant? A single clear coat can make your garage a safer place. Different types of epoxy coatings—either solid in design or packing flakes—can even protect your garage floor from UV rays entering when the door goes up.


Benefit Five: It Won’t Chip

Epoxy’s most significant benefit is, for most, its ability to withstand daily wear-and-tear. It won’t chip, and it won’t let your cement floor chip, either. If you want to make sure your garage stays secure for decades, get it coated.


If your concrete floor isn’t in the best condition, don’t worry: You can get a concrete floor resurfacing job first. Floor specialists understand the ins and outs of concrete, fixing up any issues before the epoxy coating is applied. If you  want to boost your garage floor’s appeal, consider getting a concrete floor dying job done.


When in doubt, call ACT Restoration and Polishing at 612-750-5360. Our technicians have years of experience under their belts, and they’re always ready to boost your garage’s appeal to the next level. Keep your garage safe, and make sure it’s fit for years of service.