If you’re looking for a way to add durability and beauty to your concrete floors, epoxy coating is a stunning and versatile way to accomplish this. If your idea of epoxy flooring is limited to garage floors and industrial facilities, you may be surprised to learn that epoxy is making its way into living spaces with new looks and styles. From the look of marble to lustrous, reflective applications, epoxy looks as fantastic in bathrooms and kitchens as it does in commercial spaces and restaurants. Because it’s so easy to maintain and it’s incredible durability, epoxy offers a practical solution as well.


At ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, our Twin Cities floor refinishing pros offer a wide range of concrete floor solutions for your home or commercial business. In this blog entry, we’ll talk about why it’s important to hire a professional for your epoxy floor project rather than hiring an amateur to do the job.

The Many Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has developed its reputation as one of the most popular solutions for garage floors for a reason. Not only does it give a garage space a finished and polished appeal rather than the rough, industrial look of unfinished concrete, which can end up stained and ugly, but it’s also incredibly resistant to spills. This is especially important in a garage where oil, gas, and other chemicals are in use.


You can also count on epoxy to resist damage if you drop a heavy object on it. These reasons, combined with its glossy appearance and ease of cleaning, add to the appeal of epoxy inside homes as well. With more styles available than ever before, epoxy is growing in popularity for applications throughout the home.


Epoxy is available in a broad selection of styles:


●        Metallic

●        Quartz

●        Reflective

●        Paint Chip

●        Decorative

The Importance of Hiring Epoxy Floor Specialists

If you’ve decided to embrace your concrete with a beautiful epoxy coating, be sure to hire a professional team of epoxy floor specialists. One of the most common problems that can occur when you hire a non-professional to handle your epoxy is improper mixing.


When the resin and hardener used to create the epoxy mix are mixed incorrectly, your epoxy can end up peeling once it has dried. That’s because it hasn’t properly bonded to the surface of your concrete. Hiring a professional is also important for preventing bubbling and moisture problems in your epoxy flooring.

Contact Your Twin Cities Epoxy Floor Specialists at ACT Restoration

Whether you’re creating a polished and durable epoxy floor in your garage or you’re adding epoxy to the concrete floors inside your home, don’t take a chance to save a few bucks. By hiring a professional epoxy floor team, you can expect your floors to withstand years of heavy traffic and use and look stunning for years down the road.


Our residential concrete floor resurfacing experts at ACT Restoration bring nearly two decades of concrete expertise to every job we take on. You’ll love our personal approach to concrete and epoxy floors. To check out our past projects, visit our portfolio on the web. Call and speak to one of our concrete experts at 612-750-5360 or contact us to learn more about epoxy solutions for your home or business.