If you’re thinking of staining the concrete floors in your home, chances are good you’ve looked into applying an acid stain. Acid stained concrete can create a unique and stunning look, one of the reasons for its growing popularity. This bold decorative concrete look is applied using a reactive acid stain that interacts with the concrete to create stunning patina, mottling, and veining floor looks.


Acid stains are labor-intensive to apply and can yield varying results. However, you may be surprised to learn that it’s possible to get the elegant appeal of acid stains with a semi-transparent floor stain. In this post from our Brooklyn Park concrete floor staining pros at ACT Restoration, we’ll talk about how we can create the look of acid on your concrete without using acid at all.


NewLook International Concrete Stains

At ACT Restoration, we offer a wide range of premium concrete stain solutions for your home or business. One of the leading concrete stain product lines is manufactured by NewLook. NewLook focuses on integrating innovative approaches and sustainability into an affordable product that results in beautiful concrete flooring. That approach has helped NewLook carve out a spot as one of the industry leaders in concrete floor stains.


NewLook Endura Faux Fusion Concrete Stain

NewLook’s Endura Faux Fusion is a product that gives your floor the textural and artistic appeal of acid stain without the acid. It settles into the low and high points of your concrete to create a unique and natural look that works as well for stamped or textured concrete as it does on a smooth concrete floor. This highly durable stain is perfect for adding a mottled appearance to your interior or exterior concrete.


Faux Fusion works well for a wide range of applications, such as these:


●        Basements

●        Walkways

●        Driveways

●        Patios

●        Kitchens

●        Bathrooms


Color Options from Faux Fusion

One of the advantages of Faux Fusion is the wide range of color options available. Endura Faux Fusion is available in several natural stains like Egyptian Sand, Ancient Amber, or Rhino Gray. Or choose a pop of vivid color in blendable shades like Pistachio, Mahalo Teal, Maui Orchid, or Poseidon Blue. With color options like these, the only limits are your imagination.


Get the Look of Acid Concrete from our Concrete Floor Staining Pros

If you’ve been considering applying an acid stain to your floor, consider NewLook’s Faux Fusion stain. Our residential concrete floor staining experts at ACT Restoration can help you choose the stain that looks best for your home and specific application needs.


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