Epoxy floors are some of the most incredibly durable flooring available for your residential home or business today. If maintained properly, your epoxy floor will look as fantastic years from now as it does the day it is first installed. Epoxy floors work well for both commercial spaces and homes because they’re incredibly resistant to spills, stains, and even chemicals. At the same time, they’re also simple to care for and require very little maintenance compared to other flooring solutions like hardwood floors.


At ACT Restoration, our concrete floor specialists offer epoxy repair and restoration services as well as epoxy installation. In this post, we’ll discuss the basics of epoxy care so you can keep your floors looking fantastic even after years of heavy foot traffic.


Attractive and Easily Maintained Epoxy

As a flooring solution, epoxy offers a wide range of benefits. Its cost of installation is relatively low, and because it requires little maintenance through the years, savings can add up dramatically over time. It is also installed in a relatively short period in any building with an already existing concrete subfloor, which means the disruption to your life during installation is minimal.


The slip-resistant quality of epoxy makes it an ideal solution for kitchens and garages alike. Epoxy floors can also resist fire and extreme temperatures, adding to the overall safety of any environment where they’re installed. They can also lighten up a space due to their reflective properties.


Maintenance Tips For Your Epoxy Floors

Because they are easy to clean and fairly resistant to spills, epoxy floors require little maintenance. However, it is important to take certain steps if you want to keep them in good shape through years of heavy use.


Follow these steps for great-looking epoxy floors years down the road:


1.      Sweep regularly.

2.      Clean spills up right away.

3.      Avoid cleaners that will leave a residue on your epoxy floors.

4.      Avoid cleaners with high acidic content.

5.      Mop only when needed.


Contact Our Epoxy Floor Restoration Team For Beautiful Epoxy Floors

Whether you’re considering adding a more durable flooring solution to your garage or you’re refinishing the floors inside your bathrooms, epoxy is one of the most enduring floor options. At ACT Restoration, we can help you design an epoxy floor that is uniquely suited to the look and style of your home. With stunning looks like quartz, metallic, and paint chip epoxy, we can help you create any design.


To see some of our past projects, visit our gallery. Give our polished concrete floor team a call at 612-750-5360, or contact us to talk about epoxy floor options that will work well for your home or business.