As a Twin Cities homeowner looking for ways to improve the exterior appearance of your home, you might be overlooking one of the simplest ways to create stunning curb appeal. Often, when homeowners look for ways to add value to their home, they think about replacing siding or adding a new entryway door. The entry to your home is one of the first things visitors see when they arrive, and it welcomes you and your family when you come home time and time again.


That’s why one of the most striking ways to add value to your home is by adding new life to your concrete front steps with an attraction concrete stain. At ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, our team of concrete staining professionals offers a wide range of attractive concrete solutions for Twin Cities homes. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the signs you should consider staining your concrete front steps and how we can help create a beautiful look that adds value to your home.


Turning Around a Drab Concrete Appearance

Most homeowners don’t put a good deal of thought into the appearance of their front steps. But if you’ve ever encountered a home with an elegant concrete stain surrounding its external entry area, you understand the difference it can make when applied to concrete. In most homes, the front steps are left in their simple, drab natural gray or white concrete color.

By staining the concrete of your front steps, you can add bold color, attractive designs, and even custom accents. The concrete stain can penetrate into the surface of the concrete, which creates color that won’t fade or chip away over time even with years of heavy use once sealer is applied.


Consider adding one of these designs to your front steps:


●        The appearance of natural stone or marble

●        A contrasting border stain

●        Antique stain

●        Faux tile


Choosing the Right Look for Your Home

At ACT Restoration, we offer a wide range of colors and styles to choose from when selecting a new look for your concrete steps. First, we’ll repair any existing problems like broken edges. Next, we’ll grind and coat your concrete. Finally, we’ll get to the fun part—adding your unique design.


We offer four varieties of concrete floor stain to choose from:


●        Non-hydrochloric acid-based Fresco stains

●        Water-based Tinte D’Acqua stains

●        Earth-friendly solvent-based AmeriPolish

●        Premium micronized Vivid Dye


Order Your Stunning Concrete Stain Today

If you’re ready to add a look that really stands out on your block, look no further than your front steps. Whether you choose an old-world look or something minimal and modern, we can help you choose the right look for your home.


Talk to our residential concrete staining experts at ACT Restoration, and we’ll work with you to create a look that works well with your home’s architecture and design goals. You can check out our past residential products gallery on the web, and when you’re ready, call our polished concrete floor specialists at 612-750-5360. Or contact us to learn more about our concrete stain solutions today.