Stamped concrete is one of the most popular looks available for outdoor concrete patios and walkways for a reason. This affordable flooring solution is both decorative and versatile and can be created to meet a wide range of looks. It can also be stained in a variety of colors and styles to create the same high-end looks you would only find with natural stone but for a much lower overall cost. It also looks great in both residential and commercial concrete floor spaces.


If you’re considering adding an attractive concrete stain to your outdoor patio area, our team at ACT Restoration has the experience to create beautiful concrete floor designs you’ll love. Here’s how we create the perfect antique look for your home or commercial business.


The Beauty of Antique Stain

One of the reasons stamped concrete areas are so popular is their decorative versatility. These beautiful flooring solutions can be created in almost any style or pattern you can dream up from various styles of wood-grain to brick and stone. Many of these Old World looks can be perfectly accentuated with antique stains to create a completely unique and elegant finish. They can also be accented with different patterns or colors around the border or in other designs.


To achieve the perfect antique stain for your stamped concrete, we use TiqueWash concrete stain. TiqueWash is a high-quality antiquing colorant manufactured to create a textural, multi-tonal look that’s as natural as it is stunning when applied to stamped concrete.


Getting the Perfect Stamped Concrete Stain

TiqueWash uses a high-quality formula that’s water-soluble with ultra-fine polymers. This creates better penetration of the concrete surface and facilitates better adhesion when it’s combined with a sealer.


To create your perfect antique stain, we mix the TiqueWash with water, which gives your concrete a secondary highlight. This translucent color wash will move into the low spots of textured concrete, creating a natural stained look that works with the texture of the concrete.


TiqueWash is available in a wide range of colors. Here are just a few of our popular TiqueWash stains:


●        Jasper

●        Antique umber

●        Saddle dust

●        Seasoned earth

●        Aged coral


Create Your Perfect Antique Stamped Concrete Floor Staining Look

Stamped concrete looks fantastic whether it’s under a pergola in your backyard or on a busy Twin Cities restaurant patio. Adding a classic antique concrete stain is a simple way to elevate your stamped concrete from attractive to stunning. At ACT Restoration, we love working with commercial and residential stamped concrete floors to create beautiful new looks with TiqueWash.


To see examples of our antique stamped concrete, visit our past projects gallery on the web. Then give our polished concrete floor specialists a call at 612-750-5360, or contact us to talk about the looks available for your stamped concrete floor.