If you’re in charge of a commercial operation, you know how important it is to have floors that are both durable and attractive. Whether you’re a restaurant owner or you’re the head of warehouse operations for a large commercial organization, you want your floors to look fantastic and perform well. Whether your operation is a large-scale one or a smaller one, your concrete floors need to be durable and manageable without a lot of maintenance.


One way our Twin Cities concrete floor specialists at ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park help you get high-performance floors is by using densifiers. In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about what densifiers are and how they work.


What Are Densifiers?

To understand the need for concrete densifiers, you must first understand the structure of concrete. When concrete is poured, it has tiny natural pores in its surface. Its porous surface is permeable and soft, which can expose it to damage over time.


In its natural state, concrete can react to oxygen in the air, breaking down on a small scale until the damage eventually becomes significant. Densifiers fill those tiny pores, creating a chemical reaction throughout the concrete and increasing its surface density, hardening the surface of the floor. Through the use of chemistry, densify your concrete floors so that they are less likely to become damaged and broken as time passes.


How Densifiers Protect Your Floors

Concrete densifiers are ideal for use on commercial concrete floors. These powerful liquid hardeners can be applied to any type of concrete surface no matter which level of polish it holds.


Here are just some of the ways you get added protection from densifiers:


1.      Stain Resistance

Denser concrete surfaces mean far fewer stains. Your floors will look cleaner and more attractive even if they’ve seen their share of spills.

2.      Moisture Resistance

Floors that are less porous are far more resistant to spills and moisture infiltration. If there is a spill in our work environment, it can be easily wiped up. This helps keep your workplace compliant with safety regulations and creates a cleaner environment for your operations.

3.      Reduced Wear and Tear

Concrete floors that use densifiers will be slower to break down than more porous floors. Most of the damage to your concrete takes place on the surface, and with the help of densifiers, your concrete’s surface will be much harder and more durable.

4.      Less Dust

Without densifiers, concrete floors tend to break down. This is why unfinished concrete floors are often so dusty. With the application of densifiers, the top layer of a concrete floor becomes much less porous, which means far less dust in your facility.

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If your commercial operation means you’re putting a high level of traffic on a concrete floor, polished concrete with densifiers are attractive and durable. Whether you’re worried about safety for your employees or your primary concern is creating a simple, low-maintenance work environment, we can help.


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