More than ever before, residential homeowners and commercial business owners alike are pulling up tiles and peeling back the carpet to uncover their concrete floors. Beautiful concrete floors are one of the most astonishing flooring solutions, and they’re also one of the most durable. Concrete works well with a wide range of architectural styles due to its simplicity, clean lines, and elegant look. And with more concrete stain choices available than ever before, you can create a look that suits just about any taste or style.


If you’re thinking about staining your concrete floors, you might be wondering what to expect throughout the process. In this post, our concrete floor staining experts at ACT Restoration break down what you can expect from start to finish when we create your beautiful concrete floors.


1.      We Begin With Floor Prep

If your concrete has any adhesives or glue from vinyl flooring or carpet, we will remove these from the surface. Our floor prep method will also remove any bubbles, cracks, chips, or other flaws in the concrete surface. We use a wet grind method that integrates diamond abrasives and water to reduce friction and dust.


The process results in a slurry and allows us to create smoother, more accurate floor surfaces. It also reduces the release of silica dust into the air, which can be harmful to inhale. The end result is a cleaner workspace and a more attractive floor.


2.      We’ll Apply the Stain or Dye

Next, it’s time to apply the floor dye or stain you’ve chosen. Different staining products can help you end up with different results. For example, our Faux Fusion stain is a semi-transparent stain with a color pop. It looks fantastic on any flat or stamped concrete surface where a color fusion is desired.


Or for a more nuanced flooring solution, consider our TiqueWash. Whichever stain you choose, we will apply your chosen floor stain according to the directions of the manufacturer.


3.      We Will Seal the Concrete Surface

The final step in creating the perfect stained concrete floor is to seal the surface of the concrete. We’ll wait until the stain has completely dried before beginning the sealing process.


We will then apply the sealer in a similar fashion to the method used to apply your stain. The resulting sealed surface will be resistant to debris, moisture, and stains.


Beautiful Stained Concrete Solutions

We offer a number of stained concrete solutions ranging from bold to subdued. If you’re unsure which option will work best for you, our concrete polishing specialists can help you determine what works best for your budget and desired look.


These are just a few of our concrete stain options:


●        NewLook Solid Color Stain

●        TiqueWash

●        Legacy Fresco Stain


Contact our Twin Cities Concrete Floor Staining Specialists

Whether your perfect concrete floor is a gleaming, bold blue floor or a stamped concrete floor with an antique earth-tone stain, we have beautiful options you’ll love. At ACT Restoration, we take pride in creating stunning floors that endure for years down the road.


Visit our past projects gallery online to get ideas for your floor. When you’re ready, connect with our polished concrete floor experts by calling 612-750-5360, or contact us to learn more about how we can create your perfect floor.