Concrete flooring is one of the most attractive and durable flooring options available. In past generations, concrete floors were often seen as industrial and drab and relegated to warehouses and patios; concrete is now on trend for homes and businesses. With designer attention to its clean lines and versatility of style on the rise, concrete is quickly replacing traditional flooring options like carpet and hardwood flooring in many homes. Concrete floors create a simple, elegant canvas for home interior design with a timeless quality that works as well with modernist designs as it does with Tudor homes and bungalows.


If your idea of a concrete floor is simple, monochromatic gray, it’s time to reconsider everything you think you know about concrete flooring. In today’s post, our team of concrete flooring pros at ACT Restoration in Brooklyn break down some of the boldest color ideas for stained concrete floors.


From Drab to Fab

You probably know that concrete floor staining is an option for your polished concrete floors. In fact, stained polished concrete is one of the more popular flooring options available for new homes and older homes alike. But what you may not realize is just how varied the many stain options are. Stain and dye options for concrete floors are available in almost any color or hue you can imagine from subtle stains that enhance the natural concrete to bold and vibrant.


If you’re looking for something bold that really stands out, consider one of these stunning looks:


1.      Embrace the Oceanic

If you’re looking for a way to add vivid color to a room and infuse it with relaxing ambiance, think tropical breezes, soothing waves, and crystal waters. Beautiful blues look stunning in sprawling master bathrooms and recreational spaces. Try rich jewel tones like patriot blue, slate blue, and turquoise from Ameripolish. Or get the look of acid stained concrete in the rich sapphire tone of Endura Faux Fusion’s Poseidon Blue.


2.      Go Green

There’s something naturally bohemian about shades of green. From ferns to vivid jades, green floors lend an earthy feel to a space beyond the muted neutrals of earth tones. And the options are far more varied than you might realize.


With Legacy stains Aspen or Forest Green, your flooring will evoke the subdued and gentle tones of a quiet forest. Or embrace a more assertive hue like Rock Green, Moss Green, or Kelly Green from Vivid Dye. Vivid Dye can be applied in various concentrations to create your desired level of intensity from gently bold to dramatic.


3.      Get Back in Black

Dark floors might seem like a risky venture, but they can actually add a high level of elegance to an interior space. Black is one of the most underrated and under-utilized flooring options. Evocative of timeless onyx, black and black-adjacent flooring options create a decadent yet understated neutral backdrop for your home’s furnishings, art, and decor.


Try a deep onyx like Ameripolish’s Eggplant, Midnight Black, or Faux Fusion’s Black Fury. O,r split the difference with an elegant charcoal shade like SmartVolor’s Oyster or Licorice. You can also apply a shade like Vivid Dye’s Black Diamond at 75 percent concentration.


Contact our Twin Cities Concrete Floor Staining Professionals

If you’re looking for a way to add bold color to your home, consider staining your concrete flooring. Whether you’re looking for a subtle way to add flair to your home or you’re adding whimsy to a game room, we have a wide range of options to choose from at ACT Restoration.


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