There are many reasons polished and stained concrete is continuing to increase in popularity. This clean, elegant flooring uses the existing concrete already in a building to create a look that works well with a wide range of architectural styles. The result can be either minimalist and simple or bold and stunning, depending on the stain and level of shine. When you’re refinishing your concrete to stain it, the key to getting a beautiful and lasting result is proper floor preparation.


At ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, our concrete floor refinishing professionals bring more than two decades of flooring expertise to every project we take on. In this post, we’ll discuss how preparing your floor the right way helps to ensure the stain is both beautiful and lasting for many years to come.


The Art of Preparing Beautiful Concrete Floors

Preparing concrete floors the right way is essential to getting a stunning final product. Each step of the process is essential to ensuring your floors will cure beautifully so you get a smooth stain. When concrete flooring is not prepared with respect to details like the floor’s natural imperfections, the application can result in failure to blend smoothly. Problems and imperfections that seem minor on the natural gray of concrete flooring can be exaggerated in the final product.


These are just a few of the most common floor staining problems that arise when the floor is not prepared professionally:


●        Streaking

●        Unattractive brush strokes

●        Thinner and thicker stain areas


Preparing the Concrete

The perfect stain begins with a personal assessment of each concrete floor’s unique profile. To prepare the concrete surface, we begin by assessing any existing damage and then using a wet grain approach to remove any flaws that will interfere with a smooth finish. Over the years, a concrete floor can develop chips, cracks, and other imperfections either naturally due to traffic and use or owing to high pressure or impact at some point. The wet grind polish process removes this damage and prepares a beautiful, smooth surface for the application of your chosen stain.





How the Wet Grind Process Works

One of the unique advantages of the wet grind process is its unique ability to repair damage that can’t be addressed with a dry grind method. The wet grind process uses a combination of water mixed with diamond abrasives. This also prevents harmful silica dust from being released into the air of your home or business, creating a safer environment than traditional methods. By creating a slurry across the floor as we prepare it, the wet grind method creates the most accurate and smooth surface possible before your stain is applied.


Get Beautiful Stained Concrete Floors from Our Twin Cities Concrete Restoration Team

Polished concrete looks bold and stunning in both residential homes and commercial facilities from restaurants to storefronts. Whether a bold teal or a subtle terra cotta, stained concrete elevates the simple elegance of polished concrete.


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