Polished and textured concrete floors are as beautiful as they are timeless and enduring. When properly finished, they’ll look as fantastic in a few years as they do the day the last protective coat is applied. That’s why concrete is quickly becoming the floor of choice in both residential homes and business from offices to restaurants.


One of the best benefits of restoring your existing concrete floor is the great versatility of style options available. From bold color to high shine, the variations are practically limitless. In this blog post, our concrete floor specialists at ACT Restoration talk about one of our favorite ways to make a statement by choosing Legacy Fresco Concrete Stain.


Introducing Legacy Fresco Concrete Stain

Legacy Fresco is a beautiful and bold floor stain that works well for any concrete floor or cementitious surface. It’s a non-hydrochloric acid stain with a beautiful antique look for an old-world appearance. It’s also an environmentally gentle reactive concrete floor stain. Because of the way it settles into the concrete, it creates a stunning and elegant aged look that mimics the style and appearance of natural stone. It’s the perfect option if you’re looking for a way to refresh your floor without taking away from its natural beauty.


Legacy Fresco Stain can be applied over any of these flooring options:

●        Textured concrete

●        Troweled concrete

●        Artificial rock

●        Masonry

●        Stamped concrete

●        Cement overlays

●        Water features


Bold and Versatile Style Options

Legacy Fresco is a stain that offers a choice for the look of your concrete or masonry. It can be lightened to create a subtler appearance. It can also be applied in multiple layers for a deeper, more multi-tonal look or mixed with other stains. It creates a completely different but equally stunning look when applied to gray or white concrete. Legacy Fresco’s eight bold color options include the warmth of Amber, Clay, Copper, and Hickory. Or choose cool shades like Aspen, Forest Green, or Caribbean. For a dark surface, try Peppercorn.


Call our Minnesota Concrete Floor Staining Specialists

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade the look of your concrete floors, our floor staining team at ACT Restoration in Lakeville can help. With a bold range of colors to choose from, we can create a look that works for residential and commercial floors alike.


Our fresco floor stains are perfect for a subtle look retain the natural appearance while adding color for an elegant, antiqued appearance. To get started on your concrete floor staining project, give us a call. Connect with our team at 612-750-5360, or contact us for a free estimate.