A great garage is much more than just a place to park your vehicles. It’s also a place to store important things your family enjoys from outdoor sports like bicycling to the tent you take camping every summer when the weather turns warm. It’s also where most homeowners keep their tools and manage household projects.


If you use your garage for car repair or as a hub for home improvement projects, your floor can end up with unsightly stains over time. Once spills from oil, paint, and chemicals land on your floor, they can soak into the concrete and remain there permanently. Fortunately, our floor specialists at ACT Restoration put together this post to discuss how we can help you defeat some of the most common garage floor stains.


Common Garage Floor Stains

Let’s face it: Your garage is where some pretty big messes can take place. It’s where homeowners often work on projects they don’t want to bring in the house, especially if they use paint or other chemicals. Most homeowners don’t prioritize putting down a tarp or floor covering because a garage isn’t as formal a space as the interior of their home.


But that also means it’s not uncommon to end up with the occasional spill. Because unfinished concrete is porous, this means you can end up with some pretty ugly stains on your floor. But concrete stains can also mean those chemicals could damage the structural integrity of your floor over time.


These are some of the most common garage floor stains:

●        Paint stains

●        Wood vanish

●        Epoxy

●        Grease

●        Oil

●        Cleaners and chemicals


How to Defeat Your Stains

The most important thing to remember when it comes to floor stains is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you’ve got a garage floor that’s resistant to moisture infiltration and stains in the first place, you’re far less likely to end up with a seriously stained garage floor.


Protecting your floor is much easier with a polished concrete or epoxy floor, which can offer a protective and moisture-resistant property. However, if floor stains do occur, our concrete floor specialists can use the wet grind method to repair them and get them looking beautiful again.


Call our Twin Cities Concrete and Epoxy Floor Specialists

If spots and stains plague your garage floor, it’s time for a repair. Let our expert Twin Cities residential floor specialists get your floor looking great again so you can enjoy a clean, attractive workspace.


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