Epoxy is one of the best modern flooring options available. When added to concrete, epoxy not only protects the original concrete beneath it. It also creates a completely new and attractive flooring solution that’s incredibly durable and resistant to moisture. Once thought of as an industrial solution, epoxy has come into its own as a stunning and attractive flooring option that works as well in living rooms as in industrial kitchens.


But despite its growing popularity, there’s a lot of confusing information still out there about epoxy flooring. That’s why our team of floor specialists at ACT Restoration have put together this guide to debunk some of the biggest epoxy floor myths out there:


1.      It’s basically the same thing as paint.

False. One of the most common misconceptions about epoxy is that it’s basically glorified paint. It’s not uncommon to see garages where shop owners have simply painted the concrete floor in a misguided effort to protect it. But epoxy contains resins and hardening agents that aren’t found in paint. Paint will do little to protect a floor, but epoxy can easily withstand drops, scuffs, bangs, spills, and much more.


2.      Epoxy is too expensive.

False. Don’t make the mistake of thinking epoxy will cost you an arm and a leg. Epoxy floors are an investment that pays off over time. These durable floors can last for two decades or more, saving homeowners big in the long run.


3.      Epoxy won’t stand the test of time.

False. Epoxy is actually one of the highest performing flooring solutions available. If your epoxy floors are professionally installed by dedicated floor specialists and maintained through regular cleaning, they’ll last for many years.


4.      Epoxy is unattractive and industrial looking.

False. When you think of epoxy floors, you might have an image in your mind of the outdated flooring in an old hospital. But that’s the epoxy of yesterday, not today. Today’s epoxy comes in a stunning array of spectacular looks.


With metallic, pearl, and quartz options, your floor will have a dazzling and dimensional quality. Or consider a unique design in bold colors. It’s only limited by your own imagination.


5.      Epoxy is not great for homes.

False. Don’t get stuck on the notion that epoxy is all about grocery stores, schools, and garages. With all of the incredible epoxy designs available, you can easily have a beautiful floor that will look fantastic in your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. Epoxy is highly customizable, which means you can match it to just about any architectural style and decor.


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If you’re considering epoxy floors for your home, you’re making a wise decision. Epoxy is an ideal solution for protecting your home’s existing concrete floors. You can count on epoxy to look fantastic even in heavy traffic areas.


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