Whether you’re moving into a new warehouse or refinishing your existing flooring, concrete floors are one of the most attractive and durable options around. Concrete floors create an elegant and clean look that works well for most commercial operations, from large-scale warehouses to smaller-scale operations.


At ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, our Twin Cities floor specialists are experts in refinishing beautiful industrial concrete floors from your existing concrete. One way we accomplish this is through the use of densifiers. Here are a few ways we use densifiers to protect your industrial concrete floors.


Why Densifiers are Needed

A concrete densifier is a substance concrete floor specialists use to fill the pores of commercial concrete floors. Densifiers use chemistry to help reinforce your flooring. As a natural part of the chemical reaction in concrete, your floor’s concrete surface is naturally soft and permeable. It will react to the oxygen connecting with its surface, which can cause it to break down. Without densifiers, floors can end up with dusting and susceptibility to damage.


How Densifiers Work

Densifiers increase the surface density of the concrete. Concrete densifiers can be used on all levels of polished concrete surfaces. Densifiers are liquid hardeners that chemically alter the surface of your concrete floors. They change the reaction that leads to softening in the surface of the concrete.


Here are a few ways they protect your floors:


1.      Densifiers make the floor’s surface more resistant to liquid.

Because densifiers make your floors less porous, they’re much more resistant to liquid. That means your workspace can be easily cleaned if there’s a spill, keeping your employees safer and in compliance with many workplace safety regulations.


2.      Densifiers reduce dusting.

Dusting is a common problem in unfinished concrete floors. Because the top layer of your concrete floor is less porous after the application of densifiers, this eliminates the problem of concrete dusting.


3.      Densifiers improve resistance to stains.

Few things are less attractive than stains on concrete floors. With densifiers, your floor will be resistant to all kinds of liquids and stains, which means they’ll look great even after heavy use.


4.      Densifiers reduce wear on your floor.

Despite the fact that your concrete floors are several inches thick, most of the wear and tear that happens to your floors occurs in a fraction of an inch at the very top. Densifiers protect this layer by hardening it.


Call our Twin Cities Industrial Floor Polishing Specialists

Concrete is one of the most durable and easy to maintain flooring options for an industrial space. If you have concrete floors in your commercial space, give our professional Twin Cities floor specialists a call. With our floor polishing technique, your floors will be able to withstand everything you throw at them from heavy machinery to high foot traffic.


Talk to our team of Brooklyn Park floor specialists about our concrete floor polishing by calling us at 612-750-5360, or contact us to discuss your commercial concrete floor.