When it comes to choosing flooring for your home, it’s easy to get caught up in the most obvious standard flooring choices like carpet and hardwood. But thinking outside the box can be rewarding, especially when it comes to alternative flooring solutions for your home. One of the most unconventional residential flooring options can be found in epoxy. Epoxy floors are not only incredibly durable, but they’re also beautiful, and you’d be surprised at how versatile they are.


At ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, our Twin Cities floor specialists can create beautiful epoxy flooring you’ll love over your existing concrete flooring. Here are a few of our favorite places for epoxy floors in your home:


1.      The Kitchen

Epoxy floors are great for kitchens, which is why they’ve been the floor of choice in many professional kitchens for decades. Gorgeous epoxy floors can be designed to meet the look of any home. They’re resistant to spills, which means you can experiment with your own cooking of fear that you’ll ruin your beautiful flooring.


2.      The Garage

Whether your garage is simply a place to park your car or work with tools, you need a sturdy floor that looks great. Epoxy floors are the flooring of choice for many garages, both commercial and residential. A stunning epoxy floor provides the perfect backdrop for your vehicle, and it will stand up to dropped tools and spills with very little maintenance.


3.      Your Game Room

If your family’s home includes a game room, epoxy makes the perfect flooring. You can create just about any look, which means you can have a lot of fun designing colorful epoxy floors to match your favorite sports team or fandom. Whether you’re playing pool or kicking back with popcorn and a movie, epoxy floors can stand up to all the years of fun you’ll have in your family’s game room.


4.      The Bathroom

Whether your bathroom is a decadent oasis where you look forward to lounging in a luxurious bath or simply a busy spot, epoxy will look great even after heavy use. Even when your family of five treks in and out of your bathroom all day, your floor will still look fabulous. With elegant shades of pearl and metallics, your epoxy can be as stunning as it is sturdy.


Twin Cities Epoxy Floor Specialists

If you’re thinking of epoxy flooring, the sky is the limit for its applications in your home. Because it’s so versatile, many families are even choosing to install epoxy throughout their home from living areas to bedrooms. You’d be surprised at the wide range of styles and colors available for your epoxy floors.


To check out some of our beautiful epoxy floors and think about what would look best for your home, take a look at our residential flooring portfolio. Find out more about our epoxy flooring options by calling our Brooklyn Park floor specialists at 612-750-5360, or contact us for your family’s epoxy flooring estimate.