When you think of concrete, you might first think of utility and industrial style. But concrete, once the staple of warehouses and factories everywhere, has become a staple in many modern homes, restaurants, and offices. In the past, businesses and homeowners chose to hide or cover up their concrete, but in recent years, concrete has seen a growing rise in popularity.

With its clean, simple appeal and attractive minimalist look, concrete creates a classic backdrop for homes and businesses. It’s also incredibly customizable these days with a wide range of options for creating an appealing style. That’s why our commercial flooring experts at ACT Restoration have put together this guide to explain some of the biggest reasons you should consider keeping your concrete floors.

1.   Classic Appeal

In days gone by, concrete was seen as a functional floor. But in the modern age, we’ve come to realize how quickly the aesthetic appeal of trendy flooring from carpet to tile can fade. Concrete is simple and elegant and goes with any style. From outdoor applications like patios and walkways to bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and more, polished concrete is a clean, beautiful, and attractive alternative to higher-maintenance flooring solutions.

2.   Highly Customizable

If you’re still not sold on keeping your concrete floor, you may not realize how completely customizable concrete is these days. Whether you want a bold color or a simple stain that enhances the natural look of the concrete floor, there’s something available for you.

At ACT Restoration, we offer a complete range of colors, styles, and polish levels. From the rich, bold colors of Vivid Dye to stamped concrete floors, there’s a perfect look for every home and room. Check out our commercial and residential portfolios to explore some of our many style options

3.   Easy to Clean

One of the things that makes concrete floors great for use in a wide range of applications from kitchens to game rooms is how easy they are to clean. Unlike carpet, concrete doesn’t need to be professionally cleaned regularly to maintain its good looks. And unlike hardwood floors, you don’t have to worry about investing in specialized cleaning supplies. Simply sweep your concrete floors regularly to keep them free of dust and debris. When they need a deeper clean, all you need is a gentle, non-abrasive soap and a mop to get them looking great again.

4.   Incredibly Durable

Whether you’re looking at a commercial floor or something for your home, concrete offers some of the most incredible durability you can come by. It won’t easily stain if you drop liquid on it, and if you drop something heavy, it’s hard to crack or chip. In fact, concrete flooring will look great years down the road, and if a problem does arise, it’s easily fixed using our wet grind method.

5.   Healthier Home

There once was a time when wall-to-wall carpeting was the latest trend. But one of the reasons carpet has become less popular is its natural tendency to pick up and hang on to all types of debris, dirt, pollen, and contaminants. Even when carpet is regularly deep-cleaned, it still hangs onto all sorts of pollutants that can negatively impact the air quality in a home or business. One of the best things about concrete is that it doesn’t hang on to pollutants or debris, making it a hypo-allergenic flooring solution.

6.   Cost-Effective to Maintain

Because concrete floors are so durable, they’ll last almost indefinitely if kept up regularly. Carpet only lasts so long before it begins to wear down or look outdated and needs to be replaced. While tile floors last a little longer, they’ll still eventually need to be updated. And the upkeep on hardwood floors can become quite costly over the years since hardwood needs to be sanded regularly.

While concrete will eventually need to be polished and resealed, it’s cost-effective to invest in these services, especially if you prioritize regular floor maintenance. And unlike carpet and tile, you won’t have to completely replace your concrete if you decide to update the look of your floors.

7.   Environmentally Friendly

It’s more important now than ever to reduce your carbon footprint. Concrete takes advantage of the existing floor instead of ripping it up or replacing it. That means less damage to the environment. The concrete slurry that’s made during our wet grind process is also completely reusable. 

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