When it comes to your commercial business, appearance is a key element of your brand and image. Whether your floors are in a showroom, retail store, garage, or another facility, you need to make a strong and positive impression. Choosing the right level of concrete shine is a key step in creating that impression.


At ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, our concrete floor polishing specialists are experts in bringing you the right level of shine so that your business is stunning and attractive. If you’re having trouble deciding which level of shine is right for you, we’ve put together this helpful guide to help you understand the four levels of concrete shine and make the best choice.


Customizing Your Floor’s Appearance

When you hire our floor polishing specialists, we can help you choose a concrete floor look that will work well for your business. We offer a wide range of dyes and stains to help you customize the look of your floor. Whether you need a tried-and-true look or you are in search of something unique, we can help you completely customize your flooring. Polished concrete offers one of the most versatile looks for your commercial establishment.


By customizing your floor’s unique shine, you add a unique character to the image of your business. Changing the level of shine can completely alter the look of your floors. Check out these four levels of shine:


1.      Level One

Level one shine offers a completely matte look. A matte finish will absorb the light in a space. This low reflectivity creates a classic look that enhances the natural beauty of the concrete’s original tones. To achieve this look, our concrete polishing specialists remove any coatings, leveling the surface before applying a concrete hardener.


2.      Level Two

A level two shine is a low reflectivity sheen. This is a subtle, attractive look similar to a matte sheen, but with a very gentle level of reflection. To achieve this look, we build on the level one process, adding an additional polishing step to create a delicate sheen.


3.      Level Three

The level three shine creates a highly reflective look. For this higher shine, we add three polishing steps. This popular look reflects color in the area around the floor, creating a bold look.


4.      Level Four

Level four is a high-gloss look. For this full finish look, we used five polishing steps. The end result is a classy, sparkling concrete floor which reflects everything around it. This glistening look can brighten up an interior space by reflecting the lighting in the room.


Minnesota Floor Polishing Specialists

The look of your commercial floor is important to your image. Whether you want a glistening, highly reflective glossy look or something a little more understated, we can help. Our floor polishing experts at ACT Restoration can work with you to create a look that fits your image perfectly. To discuss the level of shine that works well for your business, give us a call at 612-750-5360, or contact us to learn more.