Defining your commercial property takes time. Still, few things compare to the astounding aesthetics provided by a high-quality floor dye and finish. From room to room, your company’s appearance makes an impression.

So, which stains and dyes are the best bet for each part of your professional space? Let’s take a look.


The Entryway: Cream Coatings

Grocery stores, small shops and even offices benefit from cream-coated entryways. Give your workplace a little character, and give its visitors something to remember whenever they visit. You can seal the concrete with acrylic, applying a few coats of floor finish soon after.


The Office: High Gloss Finishes

For your commercial property’s work area, consider touching it up with a high gloss finish. Whether you need a concrete repair or want an entirely new look, our grit finish has plenty to offer. After applying the guard type sealer, we burnish it until it achieves the pristine, reflective surface that makes businesses memorable.


The Warehouse: Dense Concrete and a Tough Finish

Warehouses, stock rooms and loading docks handle heavy-duty traffic. Thus, they need heavy-duty floor options to withstand years of use. We’ll densify the concrete, keeping its surface strong enough to resist annual impacts. Then, we give it a tough finish to maintain its clean appearance.


Between the Aisles: Fresco Stain

If you’re selling products in an aisle format, consider staining your concrete surfaces with the worn, Old World look of Fresco Stain. Fresco Stain is particularly popular in modern grocery stores, as its earthy look provides an excellent antique effect. You can top off your concrete application with a heavy-duty polish, protecting your floors from spills, foot traffic and shopping carts.


Garages: TiqueWash

TiqueWash colorants are perfect for protecting garage floors, whether they’re supporting cars, tools or anything in between. While automobiles need a little more protection, TiqueWash’s multi-toned finish runs off high spots—settling in low spots. You’ll always have protection, using TiqueWash colors, and you’ll give your garage a homely, accessible look.

If you’re setting up your new commercial space, let us help you out. The ACT Restoration & Polishing team has years of experience, and we’re ready to face any business’s ins and outs. Once you’ve pinned down your room-to-room style choices, you’ll be ready to invite new customers, make new partnerships and become immediately recognizable. Call us today at 612-750-5360.