Your garage is an important piece of your home. Just as you take pride in the rest of your home, you want your garage to look good and work to protect your vehicle and belongings. Over time, concrete floors can become aged and unattractive. Aged or cracked concrete garage floors can even cause a liability and even damage your vehicle’s suspension and tires. One surefire way to protect your investment is by adding a layer of epoxy to your garage floor. Check out these three great reasons to epoxy your garage floor:


How Epoxy Flooring Works

Epoxy is a resin which our epoxy flooring experts apply as a liquid. Our epoxy flooring experts apply a coat of epoxy to your existing concrete, bonding the epoxy to the concrete. This creates a rigid resin similar to plastic. Over time, it will cure, creating a durable and resistant resin that protects the concrete below.


Protection for Your Floor

The end result is a seamless and waterproof surface. It is also scratch-resistant and able to withstand Minnesota’s dramatic temperature changes. Because epoxy is a strong resin, it is completely resistant to most substances. Epoxy extends the already long lifespan of the concrete it protects.


Here are few things epoxy protects your floor from:

●        Chemicals like bleach, antifreeze, and grease

●        Stains from gasoline and oil

●        Damage and cracks from dropped tools


Epoxy is Attractive

A layer of epoxy will instantly add beauty to your garage. Instead of an unattractive and stained garage floor, epoxy floors offer a clean, professional look. They are also are available in a wide range of styles and colors. Metallic epoxy coating offers a striking and bold look. Epoxy flake chips can add a gorgeous texture in almost any imaginable color combination from muted grays to neon pink and yellow. Other options include reflector floor, quartz, and decorative designs.


Low Maintenance Requirements

Your garage space is a space that is lived-in and sometimes gets a little messy. A floor that requires constant upkeep isn’t typically a great fit for a garage, especially if you spend a good deal of time working on garage-based projects. Epoxy looks slick and well-maintained with very little effort. Because there are no seams or cracks, there is no place for dirt and debris to collect. A little soap and mop should easily do the job when it comes to keeping your epoxy floor looking sharp.


Twin Cities Epoxy Floor Specialists

At ACT Restoration, we are experts in applying epoxy to residential and commercial garage floors. Epoxy floors also work well for home gyms, basements, and kitchens. Our floor specialists can also help with concrete floor resurfacing before applying your epoxy. Don’t wait to create a beautiful epoxy floor that will last for many years to come. Give us a call at 612-750-5360, or contact us online to get a free estimate.