Concrete floors offer a sleek, modern design option for both commercial buildings and homes. One of the best ways to make your polished concrete floor stand out is to by adding a beautiful concrete floor stain.


Concrete floor stain can add a subtle hint of color to create a unique finish or provide a complete color change to give the concrete with a bolder look. At ACT Restoration, we offer a number of beautiful concrete floor stain ideas for the Twin Cities. Check out these five great stain ideas for design inspiration:


1.      Antiqued Look with Fresco Concrete

This environmentally friendly reactive stain offers an antiqued look with an Old-world feel. The Legacy Fresco Stain palette offers eight unique color designs. Our concrete floor staining experts can apply these in layers to create a unique, antiquing design. We can also lighten them using Fresco Stain Plus.


Shades like Aspen, Caribbean, and Forest Green offer cool color stains.  Warmer colors available include Amber, Clay, Copper, Hickory, and Peppercorn.


2.      Bold Patina with Tinte D’Acqua Concrete

For something a bit bolder, Tinte D’Acqua offers a deeper penetrating, water-based stain with a unique mottled appearance. Our floor specialists can apply this striking stain in layers for a more dramatic, antiquing effect.


We can also blend colors to create a new look. This stain is available in 28 colors — from delicate pastels like Breccia and Gulf to the darker Metalica, Magnet, and Black.


3.      Faux Acid Design with Endura FauxFusion

Acid stain can create a spectacular concrete look similar to deep marbling. Endura FauxFusion offers a faux acid look that can be applied in varying degrees of intensity. Like our other concrete stains, it can be blended to create a unique look. This stain works well with both indoor and outdoor concrete.


Here are a few of FauxFusion’s more vibrant colors:

a.      African Violet

b.      Mahalo Teal

c.      Maui Orchid

d.      Poseidon Blue


4.      Decorative Designs with SmartColor

If the idea of creating a unique design or pattern on your concrete floor is appealing, SmartColor offers a water-based nano-acrylic stain for decorating concrete. Its UV light resistance means it can work well indoors or outdoors. Bold shades like Juneberry, Pomegranate, Eggplant, and Lime make it the right choice for any design ideas you can dream up. These shades are perfect for logos and other bold images.


5.      Simple Elegance with NewLook Solid Color Stain

NewLook Solid Color Stain offers a classic look to bring out your concrete’s best qualities. Solid color stain design options from NewLook offer the chance to give your concrete a fresh, new look while enhancing its natural beauty.


This water-based decorative stain option is used with unsealed concrete surfaces. NewLook Solid Color Stain is available in a wide range of delicate pastels and dusty browns with easy-on-the-eyes colors like Beach House, Harvest, and Autumn Wood.


Twin Cities Concrete Floor Staining Experts

Whether you’re ready to give your polished concrete a bold new look or update its color to something fresh and modern, our floor specialists at ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota can help.


From floor restoration to floor dyeing, we take pride in creating beautiful stained concrete you can be proud of. Browse our gallery of completed concrete floor design projects, or take a look at our many stain options here. Once you get inspired, give us a call at 612.750.5360, or contact us for more information.