The floors of commercial buildings deal with many challenging situations every work day. Lots of water, chemical spills, heavy loads and the grinding action of forklift tires require a tough floor.  Concrete floors in such situations demand special protection, and an epoxy coating can provide a low-cost, easy solution.

Create Chemical Resistant Floors

The concrete floors of many commercial buildings face exposure to harsh chemicals and compounds, which makes protection critical. Unfortunately, corrosive chemical spills don’t just pool on top of an unprotected concrete floor. The chemical can soak into the porous surface and begin to deteriorate the floor. Sealing the concrete with a protective epoxy coating prevents surface damage and allows the janitorial department to clean spills up completely with no toxic residue left behind to harm employees.

Create High Moisture Resistant Floors

In commercial settings where water is constantly used, such as a medical facility, sealing concrete floors with epoxy protects against damage. Epoxy is an extremely cost-effective and long-lasting solution to moisture damage.

What Is Epoxy Coating? 

Epoxy coating is applied over the entire surface of the concrete and forms a thick protective barrier against harmful substances that can damage the integrity of the floor. This highly resistant coating works by creating a tough shield that seals the porous surface of the concrete. Once the concrete is no longer porous, it won’t absorb any liquids. If your floor is made of concrete, an epoxy coating can be installed in a short time and can last as long as 20 years in a commercial setting

A strong epoxy coating can save you money because the cost of maintenance is reduced. This type of coating also protects against high temperatures and slippage.


Customize Your Look

You can customize an epoxy coating, and many styles are available to create a unique look for your commercial building or residence. For more information on the available styles and colors call and speak to one of the ACT Restoration floor specialists.   


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