How do you clean terrazzo floors? This is a common question because of terrazzo’s durability and long-lasting qualities. But like all floors, terrazzo can wear out over time. With proper care, your terrazzo flooring can look great for many years.

What Is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a composite of marble chips and concrete or resin combined to make smooth, affordable flooring (or countertop). Some special mixtures of terrazzo might use mother of pearl or abalone shells. The method to create resin makes it look marbled and textured. A terrazzo mixture comprises two parts marble chips and one part binder (concrete or resin).

You’ll need to have your terrazzo floor cleaned because the binder is more porous and subject to stains. Terrazzo can have a sealer applied to help repel stains and liquids, but the sealer will need to be stripped and reapplied to keep the floors looking great.

How Do You Clean Terrazzo Floors?

It is best to properly clean dirty terrazzo floors to maintain them and keep them long-lasting. The best way to clean terrazzo floors is as follows.

1.      Sweep the floor to remove all debris.

2.      Use a neutral (non-acidic or alkaline) cleaner and wet mop the floor.

3.      Then, let the cleaner sit to dissolve dirt. It is essential to keep the floor wet during this time.

4.      Rinse the floor with water and use a vacuum or squeegee to remove the dirty water.

5.      Buff the floor to bring up the shine.

What Should You Never Use to Clean Terrazzo?

A common misconception is that vinegar can be used on terrazzo floors. Never use vinegar on terrazzo floors, because vinegar’s acidic properties will dull your floor and may cause etching on the surface.

All-purpose cleaners should not be used on terrazzo floors either. The acidic or alkaline properties of the cleaner may cause more damage to your floor that will need to be repaired later.

You also should not use “miracle” cleaners or sealers on your terrazzo floors. The results may not be what you’re expecting.

Never use oil-based cleaner or stain remover on terrazzo floors. These products can cause discoloration.

How to Keep Terrazzo Flooring Looking Beautiful

There are a few ways to keep your terrazzo floors looking beautiful:

●        Establish a regular cleaning schedule.

●        Use mats or rugs in high-traffic areas to reduce scuffs and dirt.

●        Wipe up spills immediately so the liquid does not have time to sink into the resin.

●        Can you wax terrazzo floors? Yes. Waxing floors is a more affordable means to an end, however, floor wax can scratch and dull easily and will yellow over time.

●        BOTTOM LINE: The best way to maintain natural shine and color is by honing and

polishing your floors and protecting them with a penetrating or acrylic sealer.

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