Terrazzo flooring is famous for its durability, design versatility, and easy maintenance. As a result, it has gained wide adoption in homes and commercial spaces. However, one of the top questions that has continued to revolve around terrazzo is whether terrazzo flooring can be polished.

In this post, our floor restoration experts at ACT Restoration will answer this question and highlight the best ways you can polish your terrazzo to keep it shining.

Can You Polish Your Terrazzo?

The straight answer to this question is yes. You can polish your terrazzo and make it look ever sparkling. However, you’d need a floor restoration professional or some pro tips to succeed.

Below, we provide you with three methods to polish your terrazzo and keep it shining all the time.

Traditional Cleaning Method

Deep cleaning your terrazzo surface once in a while is one way to keep it polished and shining. You can do this at least once a month to ensure that the high gloss is maintained.

●        Sweep the floor with a broom or a dry mop to get rid of any dirt, junk, or dust particles.

●        Wet-mop the entire terrazzo floor with water or a pH-neutral cleaning agent like OdoBan Neutral pH Floor Cleaner or Black Diamond Stoneworks.

●        Rinse the floor using a dry mop to get rid of any leftover water or cleaning solution. Alternatively, you might employ a wet vacuum to dry the surface faster and eliminate any dust.

Diamond Polishing Method

This method is considered the cheapest method of professionally polishing your terrazzo. The diamond polishing method starts with grinding a coarse-grit diamond abrasive on the terrazzo surface. This helps to get rid of scratches that have stained your terrazzo.

Once this is done, you proceed to rub the ground diamond bits over the terrazzo surface. This leaves your terrazzo glossy when you’re done.

Polishing Powder Method

If you are uncomfortable with the other methods, you can try the terrazzo polishing powder method. To get started, buy a terrazzo floor polishing powder. The next step is to rent or buy a buffing machine and attach some soft pads to the buffing machine.

Next, sprinkle the polishing powder on the terrazzo floor surface, then use the buffing machine to buff the surface. When this is completed, ensure that you clean off any powder residue with a wet mop and allow the floor to dry up. Once this is done, you have your terrazzo sparking again.

Do You Need Help With the Terrazzo Polishing Process?

Our terrazzo experts at ACT Restoration can help make your floor sparkle like new again. Regardless of the stains or imperfections on your terrazzo surface, our restoration techniques will restore its brilliance.

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