Your business’s concrete floor experiences a lot of traffic. To resist wear-and-tear, a concrete floor needs to be polished. Whether it encounters foot traffic, forklifts or even vehicles, a concrete floor is only as good as its coating.


A concrete polish does the job. Before installing concrete in your new workspace, consider applying a polish after. Below, we’ll cover the top five reasons to do so.


Reason One: Cost Efficiency

Polished concrete is an incredibly low-cost option for business owners who don’t want to skip high-quality solutions. Plus, it’s affordable to install! Because a concrete polishing job has low long-term costs, it’s a great option for small, medium and large businesses alike. It reduces overall maintenance, helping your concrete floor last longer.


Reason Two: Versatility

A polished concrete floor resists water, heavy pressure, sharp objects and even stains. Made from densifiers like lithium silicate and potassium, concrete polish can resist rubber-tired vehicles, forklifts, and other heavy machinery. Because it’s scratch resistant, concrete polish is one of the leading concrete floor options for business owners needing a flexible solution for day-to-day stresses.


 Reason Three: Color

You might have a concrete floor, but you needn’t stick to age-old, boring concrete colors. You can stain it, customizing different designs during the polishing process. Acetone dye and stain colors penetrate the concrete’s upper medium. Rather than damaging the concrete, it’s sealed in during the polishing process—assuring durable, long-lasting floors which look great.


Reason Four: Lower Replacement Costs

If you need to replace your polished concrete floor for whatever reason, you’ll benefit from lower replacement costs. A polished concrete floor, maintained properly, can last decades. This said, accidents happen. If you’re replacing it, it’s going to be in better condition than other concrete floors—which means you’ll spend less on removal costs.


Reason Five: Energy Savings

Polished concrete reduces a building’s energy needs greatly. Because it’s reflective, polished concrete provides ambient lighting. This lighting removes the need for additional lights. Studies even suggest that well-lit work areas increase worker productivity. As a final energy-saving benefit, polished concrete is insulative. It’ll keep your cool workspace at a decent level, and it won’t let your air system’s heat escape during the cold months.


So, are you ready to make the move to polished concrete? Concrete floor resurfacing, polishing, and staining are easily accessible. Your floor polishing technicians are skilled in floor restoration, too, so even a damaged floor can be polished.


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