Minnetonka Granite Floor Restoration

Are you a Minnetonka home or business owner who is thinking of replacing or covering your aging granite floors? At ACT Restoration, we combine expert granite floor restoration and unmatched customer service to uncover your granite floor’s unique beauty at an affordable price. If your granite floors are in need of restoration or refinishing, contact us to get your granite floors looking their best once more.

Benefits of granite floor restoration:

  • Value: Refinishing your granite floors removes flaws that can detract from your home’s value, creating a smooth, safe surface that’s easy to clean. The value of granite floors is more apparent when they’ve been polished and sealed.
  • Beauty: Natural granite floors create an elegant neutral backdrop for home furnishings and look beautiful in all types of architecture. Instead of a dull, scratched floor, an attractive, clean surface will be left in its place.
  • Convenience: Our granite floor refinishing process is built around giving our clients a positive customer experience. We’re committed to convenient service that transforms your floors by combining attention to detail with fast, efficient floor refinishing service.
  • Affordability: Granite floor refinishing service is an affordable way to get floors that look brand new without the expense of having them replaced.

The Unmatched Beauty & Durability of Granite Floors

Mined from igneous rock, granite’s strength and beauty begins with the molecular process it’s forged in. Formed by the solidification of lava as it cools, granite has a crystalline structure with a dense, grainy composition.

This unique composition makes granite one of the hardest stone floor materials found in homes and businesses while creating a beautiful variability of color, patterning, and texture. Like other types of natural stone flooring, every granite floor has its own unique appeal.

Our Professional Granite Floor Restoration Services

Granite floors are some of the most durable floors available for commercial or residential use. Due to their low permeability, they can stand up to heat, heavy traffic, and years of use better than many other types of stone flooring. However, even with regular maintenance, granite floors can lose their sheen over time and become vulnerable to damage.

These are some of the most common types of damage that can affect granite flooring:

  • Chips
  • Scratches
  • Dullness
  • Etching
  • Staining

The Benefits of Granite Floor Refinishing

At ACT Restoration, our experienced stone floor refinishing experts combine training and advanced stone refinishing technology to prepare your floors and repair them. We begin by grinding and honing the surface of your marble floors to eliminate scratches, wear and tear, and dullness. Finally, we complete the process by polishing and sealing them to protect against future damage.

We provide the following granite floor services:

  • Polishing service
  • Floor grinding
  • Repairs and patches

Contact Our Minnetonka Granite Floor Restoration Professionals

To restore your granite floors to like-new condition, contact our granite floor restoration services today at (763) 432-3966 today. Or for convenient online service, fill out this form and we’ll contact you to schedule your granite floor restoration project right away.

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