Maple Grove Marble Floor Restoration

Restore Your Marble Floor to Its Original Beauty

From the ancient halls of the past to today’s modern construction, marble has served as a timeless symbol of elegance and luxury throughout the ages. Highly prized for its incredible durability and stunning veining, marble is forged deep within the earth through a natural metamorphosis of pressure, heat, limestone, and time.

At ACT Restoration, we offer these services for your marble floors:

  • Repair
  • Polishing
  • Refinishing
  • Restoration

With regular maintenance and care, today’s marble floors will continue to endure for many future generations. Our floor refinishing technicians at ACT Restoration offer a complete range of marble floor services to preserve the natural beauty of your floors.

If you need marble floor restoration or refinishing services for your Maple Grove business or home, call us to schedule your marble floor services today!

Many Reasons to Love Marble Floors

Marble floors are known for their beauty and design versatility. But they’re also surprisingly practical for both businesses and homes.

Here are a few reasons we love marble floors:

  • Hypo-Allergenic: Unlike carpet and wood, which can collect allergens and dust, marble floors are healthy and hygienic.
  • Easy to Maintain: To keep your marble floors looking beautiful, simply schedule maintenance with a contractor every one to two years.
  • Efficient: Naturally cool marble floors help to keep your home or business cooler during the hottest summer weather.
  • Durable: With regularly scheduled maintenance, expect your floors to last indefinitely.

The Enduring Beauty of Marble Floors

Deep within the earth’s geological crust, the hands of time forge limestone into marble through pressure and heat over the ages. Each individual slab features its own unique combination of minerals and impurities native to that region. These elements endow marble with a stunning array of veining and colorization.

As natural limestone recrystallizes over many millennia, it becomes the elegant stone we see today around the world from Europe to China to India and beyond. The process of crystallization is what gives marble an almost luminescent quality when polishing.

Maple Grove Marble Floor Polishing and Restoration

Because marble is a softer stone, maintenance is essential to preserve its natural beauty and durability over the years. The crystals in marble that give the stone its natural gleam can dull as the marble surface is worn and scratched with regular traffic.

For minor scratches, marble floor polishing is recommended to buff out scratches and bring back the natural reflectivity and shine of your floors. We also offer marble floor resurfacing for more significant renewal of the marble surface.

Schedule Your Marble Floor Restoration Services

Marble floors endow any home or business with transformative beauty. When you need marble floor maintenance, you need experienced marble floor resurfacing and restoration contractors.

To keep your marble floors looking beautiful, be sure to schedule regular maintenance with our experts at ACT Restoration. Contact us online for your free estimate on marble floor resurfacing services, or call 763-432-3966 today. Your marble floors deserve the very best!

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