Edina Marble Floor Restoration

Marble Floor Restoration Services in Edina

Marble is as beloved today for modern homes as it was centuries in the past when it graced the halls of royalty. While easy to clean, marble flooring requires regular maintenance every one to two years to maintain its natural beauty. Our floor refinishing experts at ACT Restoration are ready to help preserve your residential or commercial marble floors by providing expert restoration services, including marble floor polishing and resealing. Contact us to schedule your marble floor restoration services today!

Taking Care of Your Marble Floors

Throughout history, marble flooring has stood out as a mark of elegance and luxury. Forged inside the earth through a metamorphosis of heat, pressure, limestone, and time, marble is highly prized for its complex veining and incredible durability.

Marble is more than just a beautiful, strong stone. It’s also incredibly versatile and practical for homes and businesses alike. A few reasons to keep your marble floors looking great:

Energy Efficiency

Marble floors are cool, making them more efficient during the summer months.


They’re also durable enough to withstand heat from hot spills.


With proper care, marble floors will last almost indefinitely even under regular heavy foot traffic.


While some wood floors and carpet can collect dust and allergens, marble floors are hygienic and easy to clean.

Take proper care of your marble floors with ACT Restoration’s help, and your flooring will look like new indefinitely!

Restoring the Natural Beauty of Marble

Marble originates deep within the earth’s crust where limestone becomes recrystallized through heat and pressure over time. This stunning natural stone is found throughout the world, but most commonly in China, Spain, India, and Italy.

The various combinations of impurities and minerals found in each region give individual marble slabs their unique array of colors and veining. The crystalline quality found in this stone makes it ideal for polishing, which helps buff out scratches and create shiny, beautiful floors.

Marble Floor Polishing

As a porous stone, marble requires regular maintenance to maintain its durability and beauty. Over time, the same natural crystals that give marble its characteristic shine can become damaged and dull. If you had a seal on your marble to prevent damage, this can also wear away over time.

Fortunately, preventative maintenance and marble floor resurfacing can renew your floors and extend their lifespan. Additionally, marble floor polishing services can draw out the natural shine and reflectivity of the floors once more.

Marble Floor Sealing

After your marble floors are polished to perfection, we can add a layer of protection in the form of a urethane sealer. Sealing your marble floors will help protect them against damage from things like cleaning products and spills.

Contact ACT Restoration for Marble Floor Services in Edina

At ACT Restoration, our floor refinishing experts have the tools and experience to restore the natural beauty of your marble floors. Based in Brooklyn Park, we serve homeowners and businesses in Edina, Wayzata, Maple Grove, Minnetonka, Uptown Minneapolis, and other surrounding cities.

Get a free estimate online for marble floor restoration services in the Edina area, or give us a call at 763-432-3966 today. We look forward to revitalizing your marble floors!

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