Minnetonka Concrete Polishing

Minnetonka Concrete Floor Polishing

As a Minnetonka homeowner, you pride yourself on keeping a lovely home. When you need professional concrete floor polishing, our floor refinishers at ACT Restoration are here to help you get the beautiful floors your home deserves.

Reasons to invest in your concrete floors:

  • They’re easier to maintain
  • Polished floors are more durable
  • They’ll last longer
  • Minimize concrete dusting and deterioration
  • Increase resistance to spills

Preparing Your Concrete Floors

Regular maintenance is key to keeping concrete floors looking their best for as long as possible. At ACT Restoration, we use a grinding and polishing method to create a smoother, more durable concrete finish.

Our process uses a wet grind method that prevents dust from getting stirred up and settling all over your home’s furnishings, fixtures, and floors. This method captures all of the silica dust that grinding concrete generates.

With the help of diamond abrasives, this method creates a more accurate, level, and completely smooth surface for a floor that looks brand new.

Our wet grind process removes a wide range of damage from concrete floors:

  • Stains
  • Bubbles
  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Impact damage
  • And more

Versatile Designs

The beauty of polished concrete is that there are almost limitless design possibilities for the finished product.

Reimagine the look of your floors with patterns, grids, or stamping, or choose from a wide range of stains and dyes to transform the look of your concrete floors.

Choosing Your Finish Level

When you schedule concrete floor polishing with ACT Restoration, you’ll have the option to choose between four levels of shine depending on your desired look.

  • Level One

    Level one finish gives floors a matte finish that works best for commercial applications or industrial spaces like garages and shops. After removing the coating, we’ll level the surface and then add a concrete hardener to achieve this look.
  • Level Two

    For a low-sheen look, our floor refinishers build on the level one process and add a polish that’s slightly more reflective.
  • Level Three

    If you’re looking for a clean floor polish with a higher level of gloss, the level three shine is an excellent choice. This look works well for kitchens and living spaces alike.
  • Level Four

    For the highest possible level of shine and reflectivity, level four is the best choice. Our floor polishing contractors apply five polishing steps to achieve this super-glossy look.

Schedule Your Minnetonka Concrete Polishing

Get your Minnetonka floors looking beautiful with help from our ACT Restoration floor polishing team. To schedule your concrete polishing services, give us a call at 763-432-3966 or connect with us online today.

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