At ACT Restoration, our team is trained in the best, most efficient and effective methods of preparing a floor to be coated and finished. We bring our knowledge to every project and every individual circumstance.

What is Floor Prep?
In general, our prep consists of grinding and polishing an existing concrete floor to remove cracks, chips, bubbles, and other damage. This damage may have occurred naturally over time in a residential home or could be due to extreme pressure and use in a commercial facility.

Some projects will showcase the concrete floor, while others opt for an epoxy or terrazzo layer. Either way, ACT Restoration must first smooth out the existing concrete.

The Floor Prep Process
ACT Restoration has a unique process for grinding and polishing concrete. Unlike most flooring companies, we utilize a wet grind process with diamond abrasives. The water acts as a lubricant which reduces friction and cools the grinding discs. As the dust comes free of the floor, it mixes with the water in a slurry across the floor surface.

The Benefits of the Wet Grind Method
The wet grind method of preparing a concrete floor for coating may initially seem messy, but there are a number of strategic benefits to our clients. By prepping the floor with a wet grind, your flooring project will be:

  • More Accurate - The use of water and diamond abrasives help create an even more level and smooth surface than ever before. In addition, the technique can be applied to shaping concrete steps, etc.
  • More Thorough - Certain cracks, chips, and other damages can be repaired using the wet method that can’t be repaired as well using the dry method.
  • More Healthy - Even with a vacuum, the traditional dry grind method releases harmful silica dust into the air that may be inhaled. In the wet grind method, 100% of the dust is captured.
  • More Environmentally Friendly - Because the water captures the dust and turns it into a liquid substance, it can be recycled for other purposes (like road mix).

From Floor Prep to Finished
If you’ve already decided on a floor coating service, take a look at the dyes and finishes we offer to complete your commercial or residential project.

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